इस मन को पकड़ो कोई,
यह भागा देखो कही |
थकता नहीं यह,
डरता नहीं यह|
असीमित आशाओ की,
असीमित बाधाओं की ,
बुनता सँवारता
दुनिया यह कोई |


कहते है केशव,
मेरे मधुसुधन
मन के तुम स्वामी बनो,
उसके ना तुम आधीन हो,
यह कठिन जरूर है,
असंभव नहीं|
अभ्यास और वैराग्य रुपी  तलवार
से होगा इस मन पर वार
तब हर लक्ष्य पाएँगे
हर चुनौती जीत जाएगें
मन के स्वामी कह लाएँगे
और कान्हा में रंग जाएगें |

Twisted version of Bow and Arrow

arrow bow

We have often heard that when life brings you down it is because it wants you to rise high again. Like a Bow and Arrow, the more we push the bow back, arrow will hit the target more accurately. But we often ignore a fact. To be strong in bad times, one watch motivational videos to be boosted with energy. There are people to talk to, there are numerous books, quotes which can help us to pull up. We easily find words to heal ourselves in difficult times and of course, the choice is ours to act. But what about the times when we are actually in a phase where there is neither high nor low tides in our life. It is generally a phase where you have achieved your goal, lived it and are now flowing with it.

Was that all?What motivates us to keep on going in this situation ? Is this the end or a start?  Doesn’t life become boring and eventually we lose the motivation because we shot one arrow and we we’re done. And it is this phase that decides our future.

If we are not focused in our life,we will have to face a situation where we would require to pull up our sleeves, gather the strength at highest peak and achieve the target in shortest time. This may or may not give us the best results and that’s sad. The persistence to be focused will also help you to know your strength and will let you run a race where you, yourself are your competitor. And what are you running for? The Race is to be the best version of yourself. And that’s the beauty of life. Don’t stop.Set a goal, achieve it and then start working on other.

So instead of having single arrow, have a handful of them with you. Think what you want to achieve and carve those arrows with your aspirations and keep targeting them to fulfill your goals.

Some people say life is small, live fully. But it actually depends on how much life you fill, in your LIFE . That will decide the magnitude of your living, the liveliness of your soul.Think and start acting.But don’t think much, take the first step and you will eventually find your path to your goal, to your happiness.

Humanity Check!!

A selfless dream,
A fearless scream.
An unbreakable strength,
A tireless breath.
Shouts out war cry,
to make their eyes dry.
This is Indian army,
But this is any army.
How astonishing are
the characteristics same.
But still their actions,
define each other’s fate.
Great it would be,
to have their energies aligned.
Great it would be,
to have their goals aligned.
Past days have taught us,
Humanity still has to achieve a lot,
Humanity is tangled in its self created drought.

पल पल..हर पल..

कभी कम कभी ज्यादा,
कभी खट्टा कभी मीठा,
है मेहनत का फल |

कभी पक्के कभी कच्चे,
कभी सुलझे कभी उल्झे,
है रिश्तो के दल |

कभी हसाती कभी रुलाती,
कभी सवारती कभी बिगाड़ती,
ये ज़िन्दगी हर पल |

Never Stop Dreaming


I Woke up a morning,

still yawning,

Opened my eyes,

and found my Pooh smiling besides.

I smiled at him,

and realized a thing.

No Matter how hard is our life,

no Matter how badly we survived.

We should always rise,

with new hopes in our eyes,

Dream a new dream every night,

take a challenge and fight.

We learn from our mistakes,

and for mistakes we need to participate.

Experience teaches us a lot,

and helps to save our sinking boat.

Don’t let failure be your guide,

as only passion in us, can help us survive.



मेरे कृष्ण सावले


मुख पर है जिसके तेज़,
सजी है जिसके लिए यह सेज़|
है जिसके मुकुट पर मोर पंख,
और जो रखते है सदा अपने संग|
एक सुंदर सी मुरली,
पवित्र करती है संसार को जिसकी ध्वनि|
कहते है इनको माखन चोर,
जो चुराते है माखन बिना किये कोई शोर|
है जिसके मोह में बंधी मीरा,
और जो रचाते है गोपियों संग रास लीला|
है जिसके दिल में बसी राधे,
वो है मेरे कृष्ण सावले|