Humanity Check!!

A selfless dream,
A fearless scream.
An unbreakable strength,
A tireless breath.
Shouts out war cry,
to make their eyes dry.
This is Indian army,
But this is any army.
How astonishing are
the characteristics same.
But still their actions,
define each other’s fate.
Great it would be,
to have their energies aligned.
Great it would be,
to have their goals aligned.
Past days have taught us,
Humanity still has to achieve a lot,
Humanity is tangled in its self created drought.


  1. Shilpi · March 12, 2019

    Very well written !!

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  2. Aisha · March 12, 2019

    Well described!! True salute to the India Army 💪 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. S H RUPAREL · April 11, 2019


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