Discover Yourself!!


You have all the answers inside,

you gotta talk to your mind.

No external element knows you,

only your soul can serve you.


Listen, Universe wants to say something,

It has carved your journey for everything.

Create a path for channeling,

Create an aura for learning.


The best is yet to be discovered,

The unknown is yet to be uncovered,

enough learnt about the laws,

enough learnt about all the cause.


Its time to meet your inner self,

Its time to reunite with success.

Spend a moment with yourself in peace,

and get the answers with ease.




  1. Nikhil Kundu · August 27, 2019



  2. Samyak Singh · August 27, 2019

    This self-reunion is craving for many…just fall short on the lines of inferiority complex..could be more reasons!!


    • pelikagupta · August 28, 2019

      A person searches for self reunion and there can be many reasons for same.. not sure if my lines depict inferiority complex here.. but yes.. its a craving for many


      • Samyak Singh · August 28, 2019

        Yes it can be a little exhilarating..wonder how much we do though..


  3. A. Rinum · September 1, 2019

    Great poem!
    Reminded me of Rumi- What you seek is seeking you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ajay kumar · September 7, 2019

    Very nice

    Liked by 1 person

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