In My Memories Forever

By relation you are my Grand Father but by heart you are like my child. Your presence , the love in your eyes and the smile on your face has always filled me with light. The way you used to open your heart with warmth for others is a goal for me to learn from same. 

There are numerous moments we have enjoyed together that I am wholeheartedly thankful to God. I will always remember the way you lived your life with dignity, hard work and social work. Even after reaching so high in your life you have always kept your feet at ground.

I was very blessed to have spend time with you in your last years and tried my best to ease of the pain you suffered. Only I know how hard it was for me to go far from you after marriage. God has been graceful, that I got to spend 2 weeks with you before you left us. 

Although I have accepted this fact but I always cherish and remember the moments which we spent together. I miss:

  • Wishing Ram Ram to you as the first thing in morning.
  • Seeing Modi ji speech on television and finishing the breakfast.
  • Convincing you for your medicines and then promising to lessen the count next time.
  • Sitting in veranda in summers at night and chit chatting.
  • Gossiping on the politics and searching the good news together.
  • Doing the evening aarti together at 7:30 sharp
  • You advising me to walk and giving all the healthy tips

and I can write numerous others.

There is an emptiness in my heart which is there after you have left. I talk about our stories with others with all smiles because those were the best days of my life. I hope you are at peace and I would like you to know that you are always in my heart and I remember you daily as you are a special gift which God has given me and will always be in my memories.