Gambling of Faith


Bowing our head down,
Chanting the name of one on crown,
Asking mercy for our sin,
Peace is what it should bring.


Still we practice wrong,
Instead of staying strong.
We carry sins in our cart,
With impurities in our heart.
We disrespect others soul,
With happiness as a goal.
Cowardliness in our actions,
Always lead us to wrong directions.


You can fool society,
But be scared of almighty.
Committing sins intentionally,
And asking mercy constantly,
Is not heaven’s rule,
And stop using it as a tool.


Are all one in his supervision.
He will evaluate all,
On the same terms and calls.


Stop comparing Faith of an Individual,
In the name of religion.
If only one would exist,
Its “Humanity” that will persist.


I dedicate this poem to “Asifa”. She is a God’s child.. Stop playing with her identity in the name of religion. 
If reading this poem made you to relate it to yourself, its time to change your views and build a stronger society.