De Safar Ko Lagaam


Darr kis baat ka h,

her sheher ka rasta h.

Ghum gae to kya hua,

Manzil ki nhi,

Safar ki daastan h.

Tu Theher thoda,

Do lamhe jee zaara,

Sooraj per her ek ki h aankhe tiki,

kbhi taaro ki chandni mei bhi bheeg zaara.

Pehchan us aawaz ko,

jo h tere ander chhippi,

Pehchan apni pehchan ko,

jo hai tujhse judi.

Manzil tujhe mil jaege jarur,

pehle khud se toh fursat mei mil sahi.

Ker Har Manzil Ko Hasil


Tu chal apni chaah per,

Tu chal apni raah per.

Takraega mushkilo se,

Dagmagaega aandhiyon se.

Milege anchahe mod tujhe,

Milege anchahe log tujhe.

Hogi dhundhli raah teri,

Hoge kathin faisle tere.

Per pahunchege vahi manzil per,

Vahi antim padav tk.

Hausla h jiska hum safar,

Aur drid h jiski nazar.

Ghabrahat mei bhi muskrade,

Aise dariya dilli tu dikha de.

Upper wala sidha puche tujhse,

Bta de apne irade khudse.

Gambling of Faith


Bowing our head down,
Chanting the name of one on crown,
Asking mercy for our sin,
Peace is what it should bring.


Still we practice wrong,
Instead of staying strong.
We carry sins in our cart,
With impurities in our heart.
We disrespect others soul,
With happiness as a goal.
Cowardliness in our actions,
Always lead us to wrong directions.


You can fool society,
But be scared of almighty.
Committing sins intentionally,
And asking mercy constantly,
Is not heaven’s rule,
And stop using it as a tool.


Are all one in his supervision.
He will evaluate all,
On the same terms and calls.


Stop comparing Faith of an Individual,
In the name of religion.
If only one would exist,
Its “Humanity” that will persist.


I dedicate this poem to “Asifa”. She is a God’s child.. Stop playing with her identity in the name of religion. 
If reading this poem made you to relate it to yourself, its time to change your views and build a stronger society. 


A Guiding Truth

41097290 - businesspeople with drawing symbolizing power of a team

I prayed to God,

to introduce me to a special soul.

The question came “why ? ”

My answer:

“To fill life with magic.”

God laughed,

But i waited and waited.

Then again i reminded him

Again the question came “why”

My answer –

To be fearless in life,

This time God smiled

And i waited over a while.

Angrily i looked at him

then he answered

Why to rely on someone

When magic lies within you.

Why be dependent to be fearless

as strength is in you.

First believe in yourself

to complete oneself.

and then hold those hands

to share the happiness

to enjoy togetherness.


Zindagi Jeena…


Zindagi Jeena Sikho,

Mehsus kerna sikho.

Tez nhi to Dheere sahi,

Yahan per bs rukna nhi.

Laksh per ho aankhee teekein,

Ek yahan ek wahan nhi.

Mann mei utsaah rakho,

Kabhi Roo Kbhi has do.

Ho ver na kisi se,

Ho pyaar her kisi se.

Her zindagi ka hai ek kaaran,

Fir bhi mushkil in niyamo kaa paalan.

Ye zindagi kitni rangeen hoti,

Agar bachho ki masumiyat hum sb mei hoti.



Aaege ek sham,

Jab hoge hum dono sath.

Kya pehchan paugi tumhe,

yaa jaane dugi tumhe.

Hogi kuch baatein,

Sunaege kuch kisse.

Anjaan hu mai khud se,

Jab tk anjaan hu mai tujhse.

Kya hamari mulakaat,

Jagaege nae jasbaat.

Kya hamara milna,

Shuru karega silsila.

Silsila dilo ka,

Silsila un palo ka.

Jiska intazaar h mujhe,

Jiska intazaar h tujhe.


Be a role model to yourself

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Why to look outside

When you have guts inside

Why to become some one else

Why not be best version of yourself

Seek for motivation within you

Seek for inspiration within you

You can compete with the world

You can be a free bird

Just goal for it

And Bite the Bullet

Taste the success

And Defeat oneself.

Pehchan khoo gae

yaad aae aaj ek shaksh ki,

yaad aae ek bhule chehre ki.

dil mei, baatoon mei zinda tha wo,

is muskan ki, is aatamvishwas ki vajah tha wo.

samay k sath, ret mei dab gya kahi,

naye logo mei khoo gya wo kahi.

Ab kami mehsus hoti  hai,

ab uski yaad aati hai.

Dhundhna tujhko hai aasan ,

Dhundhna tujhko hai mushkil..

poori duniya nhi.. khud mei khojna hai..

wo aur koi nhi khud ki pehchan hai..

milna h usko fir..

jaanna h usko fir

taiyar kerna h khud ko..

bnani h nae pehchan

aur zindagi ki nae udan.